About Shelley

I have always had two main passions that have driven me throughout my life.

My first passion: Education

My curiosity always inspired my love of learning. My first career, following the co-ownership of a family business, spanned over twenty-five years working for an educational institution. While at the university, my roles included Assistant Site Manager, Academic Advisor, Downstate Commencement Coordinator, and Adjunct Instructor. I still continue to teach business and marketing courses at the university, as well as training entrepreneurs on how to leverage LinkedIn for marketing and social selling at business training facilities throughout the region.

While working at the university, I became intrigued by the number of students pursuing a degree without a specific career goal. Upon doing research, I learned of the positive impact coaching had on academic and career success. Fueled by my passion for lifelong learning, I earned my credential as a certified career coach, followed by certifications in executive, business, and marketing coaching. While the university supported my coaching endeavors as a value-added service to our students, they did not create a career coaching position, so I created a company and chose entrepreneurship as my “encore” career.

After specializing in career coaching during my early years in business, I found that many clients were leaving their jobs because of the company culture or leadership and not because of their chosen career path. To have a greater impact, I made a decision to pivot the focus of my company to coaching business owners and leaders.

My second passion: Travel

Being a tourist is absolutely my favorite pastime! As my business continues to grow, I will more frequently become a “bleisure” traveler, scheduling travel that combines business and leisure. This is a blend of the best of both worlds! I love sharing my expertise while visiting new places, learning about new cultures, enjoying beautiful scenery, and experiencing world-class amenities during my travels.

However, this is not always how my travel experiences have turned out. Oh the stories I could tell . . .

My “Zone of Genius”

As a self-proclaimed travel expert having visited 46 states, 14 countries, and 4 continents so far, leaders in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries find my extensive travel experience especially insightful in helping to discover changes needed to improve guest experiences and customer reviews. A fresh set of eyes can uncover blind spots often overlooked by management, but frequently found by guests!

My Business Today

As the Founder and CEO of Synergy Empowerment Coaching, LLC, I hold an M.B.A. degree and event planner certification in addition to my coaching credentials. I am a member of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council, the International Coach Federation, the National Society of Human Resource Management. and the National Career Development Association.

My company has evolved into helping service-based business owners and leaders by providing coaching, mentoring and training, based upon the value of building “people-first” company cultures, to improve leadership effectiveness, employee engagement, customer experience and business growth.

I would be happy to schedule an informal needs assessment call to uncover the gaps between where you are and where you want to be and the ROI you would want if you partnered with me. We will then decide whether to move forward with working together.  Your needs will become the basis from which we co-create goals, strategies, and solutions to drive the changes needed to improve business or professional growth and development.

If you are ready to leverage your strengths and narrow your gaps, then partnering together could produce powerful synergistic results for you!

In service to your success,
Shelley Hastings

Interesting Facts About Me

  • Certified Career, Executive, Business & Marketing Coach
  • Certified Event Planner
  • Studied to become a Certified Wine Educator
  • Earned my Master of Business Administration degree
  • Member of the invitation-only Forbes Coaches Council
  • Member of the International Coach Federation
  • Member of the National Career Development Association
  • Member of the National Society of Human Resource Management
  • Member of the Del-Mar-Va Society of Human Resource Management
  • Member of the Delaware ACE Women’s Network
  • National Career Consultant
  • Judge for National and State FFA Association Career Development Events
  • Wilmington University College of Business Adjunct Faculty Member
  • Delaware Technical Community College Workforce Development Adjunct Instructor
  • Former AARP Life Reimagined LifeMap Coach
  • Former Wilmington University Academic Advisor
  • Sigma Beta Delta Business Honor Society Member
  • Honorary State FFA Degree Award Recipient
  • Visited 43 states in the U.S.
  • Visited 14 countries
  • Visited 4 continents
  • Hosted 3 foreign-exchange students

Hobbies include traveling, reading, writing, photography, listening to music, going to the beach, and drinking flavored coffee

Core Values Behind My Business

  • Integrity
  • Gratitude
  • Commitment to Growth
  • Accountability
  • Positive Attitude
  • Consideration of Others
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Empowerment Promotes Engagement
  • Success is Achievable
  • People are the heart of Every Business

My Blogs

    Supporting Your Employees During the Coronavirus Crisis
    As news of the spread of the coronavirus continues to make daily headlines, it is natural for people to feel uneasy with all of the unknowns that surround this new virus. The impact on businesses is starting to be felt, particularly those with offices or employees located in other countries. While most of us have no control over the direction that this virus may take, we can control our response to the fear that this can invoke.


    The Gratitude is in the Gifting
    Almost everyone has heard stories of the generosity of company leaders who gifted their employees large bonuses for the holidays. During this giving season,employees who are recipients of these gifts are led to feel like valued and appreciated contributors to the team. What a thoughtful, but sometimes overlooked way of creating a positive company culture of engaged and grateful employees.