Training & Programs

Leveraging the Contents of Your LinkedIn Toolbox
With three different customizable training programs available, you can learn how to utilize and leverage the contents of your LinkedIn toolbox to improve marketing or job search results for your business, your team or yourself.  Which one is right for you?

  • Creating and Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Tools for Maximizing Your Job Search
  • LinkedIn Tools for Relationship Marketing and Social Selling

Time is Money in 2020!
With poor time management skills named as one of the chief causes of workplace stress at all levels, this mini-coaching and training program is designed to identify your timewasters and learn where you can gain time to help convert overwhelm into opportunity. 

Stay Interview Solutions for Retaining Top Talent
Designed with the mid-to-large size business in mind, this training will guide you through creating a customized, step-by-step, consistently-delivered stay interview process to aid you in effectively gathering key information to retain your most-valued employees before they become disengaged and leave your organization.

Small Business Solutions for Hiring Great Talent
Designed with the small business owner in mind, this training will guide you through creating a customized, step-by-step hiring process to aid you in effectively aligning your hiring practices with employee expectations for enhanced employee satisfaction, engagement and loyalty to increase business growth.

My Blogs

    Supporting Your Employees During the Coronavirus Crisis
    As news of the spread of the coronavirus continues to make daily headlines, it is natural for people to feel uneasy with all of the unknowns that surround this new virus. The impact on businesses is starting to be felt, particularly those with offices or employees located in other countries. While most of us have no control over the direction that this virus may take, we can control our response to the fear that this can invoke.


    The Gratitude is in the Gifting
    Almost everyone has heard stories of the generosity of company leaders who gifted their employees large bonuses for the holidays. During this giving season,employees who are recipients of these gifts are led to feel like valued and appreciated contributors to the team. What a thoughtful, but sometimes overlooked way of creating a positive company culture of engaged and grateful employees.