Training Programs

Leveraging the Contents of Your LinkedIn Toolbox

I offer three different training programs for businesses and professionals to learn how to utilize the contents of your LinkedIn toolbox for your specific needs:

  • Creating and Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Tools for Maximizing Your Job Search
  • LinkedIn Tools for Relationship Marketing and Social Selling

I can customize my signature LinkedIn training programs to meet your specific individual or group needs.

Small Business Solutions for Hiring Great Talent
Designed with the small business owner in mind, this training will guide you through creating a customized, step-by-step hiring process to aid you in effectively aligning your hiring practices with employee expectations for enhanced employee satisfaction, engagement and loyalty to increase business growth.

Stay Interview Solutions for Retaining Top Talent
Designed with the mid-to-large size business in mind, this training will guide you through creating a customized, step-by-step, consistently-delivered stay interview process to aid you in effectively gathering key information to retain your most-valued employees before they become disengaged and decide to leave.

My Blogs

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    Magic is in the Action - Not the Name
    With the holiday season winding down, many of us are now looking forward to the new year and what it will bring. Are you making New Year’s resolutions? Are you creating 2019 goals? Do you have dreams that you hope will take shape next year?